SUEZ is accelerating its transformation into a services company for innovative and integrated resource management

SUEZ’s 2018 Combined General Meeting was held on Thursday 17 May at the Espace Grande Arche in La Défense, Paris. Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presided over the meeting attended by 500 people including 375 shareholders.
This General Meeting was an opportunity for the Group’s management to report to shareholders on 2017’s financial results, to review the creation of the new Water Technologies and Solutions business unit created following the acquisition of GE Water and the past financial year’s commercial successes, and to present the Group’s strategy, growth levers and outlook for 2018.

Jean-Louis Chaussade, Chief Executive Officer, talked about the creation of Water Technologies & Solutions, a source of value and major commercial success for the Group. The CEO also presented the vigorous action plan put in place to accelerate the Group’s profitable growth and strengthen its market positions. Jean-Louis Chaussade reminded participants of SUEZ’s transformation into a services company, at the forefront of circular economy solutions.

Jean-Marc Boursier, Deputy Chief Financial Officer, also presented the Group’s results from the preceding financial year and the outlook for the current year. The encouraging performance of the first quarter of 2018 is fully in line with the annual objectives and confirms the acceleration of the Group’s sales momentum.

 Proceedings of the General Meeting

  • 10 am – Legal opening, introduction and strategy, by Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 10:30 am – 2017 performance results and strategy, by Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO
  • 11:10 am – Financial results, by Jean-Marc Boursier, Deputy Chief Financial Officer
  • 11:25 am – Presentation of the work of the Board of Directors and its committees, by Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and the Committee Chairs
  • 11:50 am – Presentation of the resolutions, by Jean-Yves Larrouturou, Deputy CEO and General Secretary
  • 12:05 pm – Statutory Auditors’ Report
  • 12:10 pm – Dialogue with shareholders
  • 1:00 pm – Vote on the resolutions
  • 1:10 pm – Meeting ends