Trusted by our shareholders

Capital shareholding structure on 31 December 2019


* 4.1% on 31 January 2020, following closure of the new employee capital increase offer launched in 2019.
** of which 60.3% is held by SRI investors
*** of which 3.6% is held by Inversiones los Canelos
**** estimate based on a 2017 shareholder survey

SUEZ share

ISIN code: FR 0010613471
Listing markets: Euronext Paris (compartment A) and Euronext Brussels
Mnemonic device: SEV (Paris) et SEVB (Brussels)
Eligible for Deferred Settlement Service (SRD)

On 31 December 2019, the market capitalisation of SUEZ stood at €8.4 billion.

SUEZ shares are part of the following financial indices: CAC Large 60, CAC All-Tradable and Dow Jones Euro Stoxx Utilities. In addition, SUEZ has made itself a leader in its sector by progressively being included in the most prestigious extra-financial indices.

In 2019, SUEZ consolidated its excellent performance on extra-financial rating agencies’ criteria, and maintained its presence in the main international ESG indices:
– It was included in the DJSI World Index for the 11th consecutive year.
– Vigeo Eiris once again ranked it top in the Waste and Water Utilities sector.
– It was awarded an A rating by MSCI, as in 2018.
– EcoVadis confirmed its Gold rating.
– CDP continued to include SUEZ on its Climate A List.

Since the company’s stock market listing in July 2008, SUEZ shares have outperformed the sector’s benchmark index, DJ Euro Stoxx Utilities and offer an attractive and regular return for shareholders.

State of affairs on 31 December 2019

SUEZ’s share capital is divided among the different shareholders in a balanced manner.
Long-term strategic shareholders for the Group – ENGIE, the leading shareholder, the Catalan banking group La Caixa and the Italian group Caltagirone – owned nearly 42% of the capital as at 31 December 2019, putting the Group in a stronger position to act on an ambitious strategy.
Meanwhile, the individual shareholder share provides SUEZ with stability and support for our long-term strategy, reinforced by the loyalty and trust of our employees.


At the end of every financial year since the company’s stock market listing, the Shareholders’ Meeting has proposed paying a dividend of €0.65 per share. In 2019, in order to contribute to the solidarity measures which are at the heart of the SUEZ mission, the Board of Directors proposed paying a dividend of €0.45 per share, a reduction of around a third compared to financial year 2019.

The ex-dividend date is 18 May 2020, with payment in cash on 20 May 2020.