New governance

SUEZ’s 2019 Combined General Meeting was held on Thursday 14 May at the Salle Pleyel, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris. Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board of Directors, presided over the meeting attended by 800 people including 540 shareholders.
The 2019 General Meeting was the opportunity to pay tribute to Gérard Mestrallet and Jean Louis Chaussade, whose terms as Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO, respectively, came to an end at the end of the session.
Bertrand Camus was named CEO at the end of the General Meeting and made a speech to the shareholders. He spoke of his pride and the emotions he felt in taking over from Jean Louis Chaussade, now Chairman of the Board of Directors, and of his goal to make SUEZ the world’s leader in environmental services.
Jean-Louis Chaussade presented the Group’s 2018 results and its outlook going forward, focusing on the ambitious action plan that has been implemented to continue the Group’s growth, strengthen its market positions and consolidate SUEZ’s global leadership in industrial water, with Water Technologies & Solutions having a remarkable first year.
Jean-Marc Boursier, Deputy CEO, also presented the Group’s results for the previous year and spoke of the financial outlook for the current year. SUEZ posted very good results in 2018, results which exceeded all of its objectives. SUEZ anticipates strong growth in 2019 as well as the continuation of its attractive dividend policy.

Proceedings of the General Meeting

• 2:30 pm – Opening by Gérard Mestrallet, Chairman of the Board of Directors
• 2:40 pm – Introduction by Gérard Mestrallet
• 3:05 pm – Performance and outlooks, by Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO
• 3:45 pm – Speech by Bertrand Camus, who took up the role of CEO following the General Meeting
• 3:55 pm – Financial results, by Jean-Marc Boursier, Deputy CEO
• 4:05 pm – Governance, by Gérard Mestrallet and the chairs of the committees of the Board of Directors
• 4:30 pm – Presentation of the resolutions, by Jacques Audibert, General Secretary
• 4:50 pm – Statutory Auditors’ Report
• 4:55 pm – Dialogue with shareholders
• 5:35 pm – Vote on the resolutions
• 5:45 pm – Meeting ends